Firehouse Fright Night 2022

A Trail Unlike Any Other…

THANK YOU for your interest in the Firehouse Fright Night. We’re happy to be partnering with Watson Farms again this year to use their corn maze for our trail of terror.

Last year we sold out by October 8th! 

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We are thrilled to be back with our interactive, story-driven trail that has been engaging the brave for 15 years! On a journey of about 30 minutes, you become the focus of dozens of creatures spread across more than 20 heart-pounding scenes. Navigate this huge maze, and see if you can survive our series of scares!


Get A Ticket – (Link goes live Fri. Sept. 16th!)

  • You purchase just 1 ticket for your entire group – For example:
    • If you are 2 people, you buy a ticket for 2
    • If you are a family of 4 and bringing a friend in your group, you buy a ticket for 5
  • Max group size is 6 people
  • Tickets are sold online only for booked times
    • Each time slot is for up to 6 different groups
    • For example, people who buy tickets for 7:00 – 7:10pm would be Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
    • Group 1 would enter the trail at 7:00pm, then group 2 would enter at 7:02pm and so on.
    • Arrive 20 minutes before the start of your time. For example, if your ticket is for 7:00-7:10, you arrive by 6:40pm
  • Discounted pricing starts at a group of 4!
  • When you buy a ticket you will receive it as an E-mail. Please have it ready to show us on your cell phone when you arrive so that our team can quickly check you in.

Get Fright Night Tickets!

This is a great event for all ages.  We are excited to bring you another horrifying experience of dozens of creatures with a whole new story! We use strobe lights, foggers, loud sounds, and over 100 volunteers to bring you an interactive, unique experience. We welcome you taking pictures, sharing them online, little video clips! Just be safe – don’t trip over something while you are at it, and you know.. watch over your shoulder. You could have a monster sneaking up on you at any moment…

Parents – you would know best what your child enjoys for fun scares. We have had kids as young as 3 and 4 that are fascinated by the creatures and effects, and teens who freak out from some types of monsters (do you like… Clowns?).

  • As always, we have a whole new theme for you to enjoy for 2022.
  • Watch this page for when we post our theme reveal trailer in mid September!

Quick Overview:

  • A fundraiser for the Firehouse Youth Centre and United Way of Durham Region
  • Inside a giant corn maze – the first ever for Watson Farms!
  • Four Nights this year!
    • Fri. Oct. 14th and Sat. Oct 15th from 7pm to 10pm
    • Fri. Oct. 21st and Sat. Oct. 22nd from 7pm to 10pm
  • At Watson Farms at 2287 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K7

What does it have?

  • A wide trail through a corn maze that is about 3 acres big (over 130,000 sq ft!)
  • Over 20 spooky scenes
  • Roughly a 30-minute self-guided trail of many twists, turns and dead ends to trap you!
  • Sudden scares and interactive story scenes that make you part of the tail
  • OVER 50 live creatures that will interact with you!
  • Amazing special effects!
  • Please keep in mind:
    • the trail is not fully accessible – this is bumpy ground, and could get mucky if it rains
    • We use special equipment to enhance your experience. i.e. Strobe lights, Fog machines, loud sounds


Events like this can’t be done without the wonderful volunteers, and these sponsors who have given material and financial support!

  • Watson Farms – our amazing host allowing us to bring all our freaky creatures to the farm!
  • Municipality of Clarington – Our long-time funder of the Clarington Youth Centres (Firehouse, Loft and NYC locations)


  • Watch your step! This is outdoors in a corn field, the ground will be a little bumpy
  • If you have to cancel last minute because you have experienced a suspected Covid infection or exposure, we will refund you! Just e-mail us at . It is far more important that we all play it safe rather than you feel you are in a spot with having bought tickets you cannot use. Stay home, get well.
  • Don’t run (it won’t help you…), and the ground may be slippery if it has rained (it did for 1 night in 2021)
  • The entire event is outdoors
  • Using booked times, each group must arrive 20 minutes before their entry time.
  • Just show us your ticket on your cell – we will scan it to check you in
  • A group is from 1 to 6 people
  • Signage at the lineup entrance reminding people they are not to enter if they are experiencing Covid symptoms listed
  • Each group enters after about a 2 minute time gap to keep groups spaced apart inside
  • The trail is one-way only for direction
  • Our Greeter will remind you before entering the trail – no running, kicking, punching, touching, etc.


  • Our event runs even if it rains – except in extreme weather. We strongly recommend you follow us on Twitter ( @cycentres) or Facebook (@cycentres) to watch for any notices about the weather and event conditions. If we have to cancel, we will make that announcement by 6:30pm on the night of the event and we will refund you as a result of not being able to hold the event that night.
  • If you arrive late, you cannot enter, and we do not provide a refund. You must arrive 20 minutes before your booked entry time. Using booked ticket times is essential for us to keep things on track for everyone so that you don’t have long waits to get started. We cannot just “slip you in” if you are late, because that would make every group after yours late for their start time, which is not fair to anyone else.

Prior Years

Thank you to everyone who has come out to see us in the past. We hope you have enjoyed every moment, as all our volunteers did entertaining you, surprising you and bringing you all kinds of new experiences . Please, do let us know your thoughts on coming through the trail – what you liked, what you have for suggestions for improvement. TAG us with @thefhyc if you post photos so we can share them too if you like.

And a huge thank you to the over 100 volunteers who performed so amazingly in all the scenes – you brought it all to life!

 Video from Prior Years

Our 2022 Theme Reveal trailer!



Photos From Prior Years

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