It starts TODAY!!!

We are so excited to kick off, Shifting Gears Fitness tonight! Shifting Gears is a FREE, 10 week Fitness program for youth (ages 12-19). We meet every Tuesday at the Firehouse Youth Centre from 5:30-7. Come on by tonight and give it try! Oh and in case you missed it, a special thanks to Durham Region News and Jen O’meara for the great article last week

Shifting Gears Fitness

It’s official the Firehouse proudly presents, Shifting Gears Fitness. A weekly, fun, interactive and free fitness program for youth. Shifting Gears will focus on cardio training (running), circuit workouts, sports and life skills, all in preperation for Mud Hero 2017. So if you are looking for a way to get more active, this 10 week Fitness Program is for you!